Website Marketing Strategy | Are your Visitors Feeling Warm and Fuzzy?

Website Marketing StrategyOur little virtual environment we live in sitting at our computers on the Internet is all from great technology. But when you dig deeper and really think about it you realize it is all about human connections.

Your website marketing strategy needs to cater to the thoughts and even feelings of the real live human beings that are your viewers.

People basically, and usually, buy with their emotions and not their intellect. Even when people make what they think is the most rational choice their influential subconscious is there playing its own role. Your website marketing strategy, to work effectively, needs to anticipate what your clients and customers want and need to satisfy their feelings.

A website marketing strategy that fixes the pain of its reader and responds to their needs can do so with first feeling the pain. Effective selling means anticipating the needs of your customers and offering them a solution. Your web design needs to portray itself as the answer to their prayers.

A Website Marketing Strategy that Answers Needs

Dealing with people in person and seeing their expressions and hearing their tone of voice makes it easier. But when we are only interacting with people through text, images, and graphics on our websites it is a whole different story. Your website marketing strategy needs to intuitively answer your traffic’s needs.

Since your website is a portal for current customers and potential customers the next best thing to that face to face conversation is how you relate to them online. Your site needs to close the sale and make, and keep, satisfied customers.

Since most people research services and products online first it is critical that your website marketing strategy has maximum impact and persuades your readers to become customers or clients.

Does your Website Marketing Strategy Connect Emotionally with your Readers?

Do your visitors feel like they are being understood and listened to? Do they feel appreciated when they are clicking through your website? Are you meeting their needs instinctively? What about your existing customers, do they feel valued and supported when they are on your site?

If the answers to any of those questions are “no” then you are failing to arouse the most critical emotional responses necessary for success. This can seriously affect your sales, response rates, and return on investment.

The Essential Emotions for your Website Success

To generate and sustain a lucrative relationship with your online visitors there are several important emotions that you need to arouse. How well your website marketing strategy does this will make a major consequence to your bottom line.

Do your Visitors Feel Involved?

Your website marketing strategy needs to make your visitors feel welcome and drawn in. You know, that warm and fuzzy feeling. They should want to learn more about your products, services, and business. This again needs to be for their individual feelings, wants, interests, and needs. Give your visitors a distinct sense that you want to connect with them and learn more about them.

Make it easy for them to navigate their way around your website. If they are bombarded with confusing ads, images, and content they will quickly leave feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Do your Visitors Feel Acknowledged?

When you are doing business in person your first meeting includes an introduction and more than likely a brief statement about what you do. You try to make a connection with them to learn how you can help them with their needs and issues. You let them know that your solutions can meet their needs.

Your homepage needs to accomplish this same task as your initial face to face introduction. But now you have even less time to engage them. It is only a matter of seconds before they hit the back button and go to the next website.

Does your website marketing strategy accomplish this? Does it speak to your visitors in a clear and specific tone about what you can provide them with? Does it tell them the type of clients and customers that can benefit from your services?

Make sure your homepage does not use too technical of terms about your industry. Confusing jargon can quickly alienate your readers. Keep it simple.

What website marketing strategy works for you to make your visitors feel warm and fuzzy? Let us know in the comment section below.


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