Top Mommy Bloggers Rockin’ the Real World

Top Mommy Bloggers

Top Mommy Bloggers

Moms have been blogging for many years now. But some of the top mommy bloggers have turned it into a nice little money machine for them. There are a few that have become quite prominent with the millions of mothers that read their blogs. They’ve rocked the blog world where most men don’t dare to go.

If you think these moms are sweet little demure mothers writing blog posts about how many times they did laundry and cute things their kids said you are only partly right. There are also those moms that let it all hang out replete with a few four letter words thrown in for good measure.

“The Girl Who” Drinking Beer and not Afraid to Say So

The Girl Who is one of the top mommy bloggers out there and one of my favorites. She is a self-proclaimed “recovering Mormon” (gotta love that) and mother of two. She writes candidly about her life and makes no bones about loving to drink beer. How could you not like this girl?

Top Mommy Bloggers | Rebecca Woolf and “Girl’s Gone Child!”

Here we find a mother of four that has been blogging since 2003 (that’s like a century in the Internet world). She bares her soul about some rough years of marriage that has turned into a total commitment of love and caring.

Rebecca lives in Los Angeles and I just plain like her. The top mommy bloggers naturally know just how to let you into their world. I do admit to sometimes feeling like I’m snooping though when I read the blog posts.


Rockstar Ronan—a Tribute to a Beautiful Boy taken by Neuroblastoma

I’ve read every single blog post by this beautiful mother who lost her precious son, Ronan, to cancer. Mia Thompson doesn’t hesitate to write about her most poignant thoughts and tragic loss. She can cuss like a sailor and have you crying while you read her posts.

According to PubMed Health neuroblastoma is a malignant (cancerous) tumor that develops from nerve tissue. It usually occurs in infants and children.

Mia Thompson has had over 11 million visits to her website. When Taylor Swift wrote a song about Ronan her already popular blog took off like wildfire. Mia is about to do some huge and wonderful things for helping kids with neurobastoma. Love her!

Christian Top Mommy Bloggers

Just so you don’t think all mommy bloggers are beer drinkers and spew profanity there are many Christian top mommy bloggers. Sprittibee is one such lady. She has been blogging since 2005 and has taken herself all the way up to a page rank of five. Nikki Hughes and Leigh Dunner joined forces on a blog called, what else but, Christian Mommy Blogger. They write about a variety of subjects including homeschooling and fellowship. Top Mommy Bloggers

Of course there is a whole website devoted to who are the most incredible and fabulicious top mommy bloggers. The number one blog at this date is Her blog is getting a makeover and is not quite finished but it is still there and well worth your while to gander on over to read her posts.

The author of this blog is a 42 year old that was a teacher in her past life. She is now a stay-at-home mom that finds the humor in just about everything. With nine of them living under one roof I would think that laughing is an absolute must.

Mom Bloggers Club

Yes indeedy there is even a Mom Bloggers Club. They claim to be the biggest and oldest website that is completely devoted to mom bloggers. You will find some of the top mommy bloggers there discussing the latest and greatest trends.

Are you a mommy blogger? Do you read their blogs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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