Article Marketing: Well Written Articles Make a Difference

Article Marketing is a Key Component of Content Based SEO and Internet Marketing.

Articles are being written by the thousands to create inbound links to websites; thus increasing organic ranking. The quality of some of these articles is appalling. Many are being written by “writers” whose first language is not even English. I’ve seen grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and just plain awful writing. Even articles written by writers based in the United States are being published online with content that would make my high school English teacher scream with disgust.

Quantity of Articles should not be at the Expense of Quality

The increase in the quantity of articles for internet marketing is often at the expense of quality. Writers rush to get their package of articles completed often ignoring the basics of good article writing. Keywords are slapped into content at inappropriate places. A well written article uses keywords in flowing content that begs the reader to want more. That’s the kind of article where you want your company to have its name. Do not settle for anything less.

Inbound Links are not the only Reason for Article Marketing

Although inbound links play a part in organic ranking it is not the only reason for your business to take advantage of Article Marketing. Your business needs to be the authority on whatever product or service you are marketing. Do you want the articles that point to your website to be worthless pieces of junk? No, no, and, no! Chances are that someone searching for your business online is going to see some of your articles. How embarrassing to find articles that appear to be written by a third grader.

Image is Everything

Your online image is often the first glimpse that people see before contacting your business. Your image needs to ensure that you are seen in a valued and professional light. Readers will certainly pick up on poorly constructed sentences and spelling errors. What will they do? Quickly click the next search result to find more appropriate information.

An eloquently written article will increase your professional image and gain you and your business the respect it deserves. Always make sure a professional editor reviews anything that goes online concerning your business. Mistakes in articles tell potential clients that you really don’t care. Viewers will think if you are that careless about your online content that you cannot be all that great at your business. The internet has trained us to quickly move to the next article for information that seems more qualified.

Badly Written Articles Equal Bad Advertising

The explosion of Article Marketing as a strategy for increasing website traffic and promoting your website gives you the chance to rise above the crowd. One bad taste of an article that doesn’t cut the mustard could mean the loss of a client that could have brought you much more in revenue than the cost of the article.  It is well worth it to pay a few bucks more and get the quality that can bring you clients.

Show the world wide web that the quality of your articles matches the quality of your business. The need to create inbound links (or backlinks) need not be a reason for a mass of poorly written articles. Show off your business with positive promotion through excellent articles.

UPDATE February 28, 2013: Google Penguin and Panda updates have made quality writing an absolute must. Are your articles up to par for the search engines?

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